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February 24, 2014 / matthewfullerr

Machines of the Code-Sharing Commons, a mid-way report on a slightly large-scale analysis of software repositories

A seminar presentation by Matthew Fuller & Richard Mills of ongoing work on the Metacommunities of Code project


Wednesday March 12th 2014

16.00 – 18.00

Goldsmiths, Room RHB 143

All welcome


The Metacommunities of Code project is an attempt to analyse code-sharing practices in free and open source software repositories, with a particular focus on GitHub.  This presentation will discuss: the emergence of repositories as a developing form characteristic of contemporary forms of work; the electronic archive as a space of production; the use of statistical approaches within software studies; the material difficulties of working with and extracting highly mobile, commercially sensitive datasets; and some notes towards an analysis of the nature of code-sharing. 

Matthew Fuller works at the Digital Culture Unit at the Centre for Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths.  His most recent books are ‘Evil Media’ (with Andrew Goffey) and ‘Elephant and Castle’ and he is an editor of ‘Computational Culture, a journal of software studies’.

Richard Mills is a Researcher with a background in statistics based at Lancaster University.  His PhD thesis was an analysis of Reddit.

Metacommunities of Code is a collaboration with Andrew Goffey, Adrian Mackenzie and Stuart Sharples.


The seminar is presented as part of the Data Practices series run by the Departments of Design and of Sociology at Goldsmiths.


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